Maintaining Good Tenant Relations

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As a property manager in Atlanta it is important to ensure the highest level of quality when it comes to tenant relations. This reduces vacancies and overall it increases profitability for property owners. Take the time to explore all options when it comes to good tenant relations as a way to improve portfolio bottom-line performance. Here are a few examples of excellent ways to maintain the highest levels of tenant relations over the short and long-term. Most experts would agree that communication is one of the most essential elements of high quality tenant relations. Keeping an open line between you and your tenants will ensure good tenant retention. Landlords should make their expectations clearly understood as a way to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

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A landlord should always be approachable. There are many cases where tenants simply avoid landlords because they are not approachable or they may have exhibited poor social skills in the past. One thing that landlords can do as a way to enhance quality of service is to occasionally check in with tenants to make sure that everything is working properly. A simple telephone call or an email can go a long way in improving tenant and landlord relationships. Working with a dedicated team of Atlanta property managers is the best place to start in this regard. Take the time to learn more about the property management company you will be working with to save time and trouble down the road.

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Equally important is to set boundaries with regard to a lease agreement. Landlords should be fair, reasonable and honest but should avoid being too lax as this may ultimately cause tenants to eventually take advantage of the situation. A landlord can easily be kind and be firm at the same time. While this may take a little practice, ultimately it will help to protect a real estate investment and ensure long-term profitability. Another aspect of maintaining the best in tenant relations is to screen carefully. Screening is one of the first lines of defense to ensure you have the right tenant occupying a property. Check carefully when it comes to previous rental references as well as any evictions or signs of poor credit.

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Finally, a thorough and detailed lease review will help to ensure that nothing has been missed in the rental process. This flow helps to prevent any potential misunderstandings later. Enforcing and maintaining a lease will ultimately be easier when a tenant has been made fully aware of all the terms and conditions contained within the lease. As an added note, doing extra as a way to promote good landlord and tenant relations can go a long way in keeping everybody happy. Simple things like offering a welcome package or addressing maintenance issues in a fast and efficient way can make all the difference. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more.