Brokerage Services

Whether you’re leasing a space for your new business or looking to invest in commercial real estate, our team is your trusted business partner. We know that our clients expect the best when it comes to understanding their unique factors, such as investment cost and bottom line profit. Our team is committed to offering our market knowledge of retail, office, and industrial real estate sectors to provide our clients, tenants, landlords, and owners with every resource they need to make the best strategic decisions.

Wiedmayer & Co. is built on a philosophy we believe in: Delivering on insights, committing to action, and providing results that help our clients understand and manage their investments and properties better, improving their bottom line as a result.

Landlord Representation

In Atlanta’s active, rapidly changing real estate environment, it helps to have an ally. Commercial real estate property owners have trusted our team with their assets for over 10 years.

Leasing Excellence

  • Finding & securing ideal tenants
  • Obtaining maximum occupancy
  • Maintaining competitive lease rates

Owner's Mentality

  • Keeping your goals in mind
  • Exceptional lease negotiation
  • Space-planning insights

Due Diligence

  • Property analysis & timeline
  • Demographic research
  • Market research

Tenant Representation

When it comes to finding the place that feels "just right," we’re here to help. At Wiedmayer & Co., we’ll help you navigate complicated industry processes and keep track of lease expirations, renewals, and past transactions. Your goals are our goals – when it comes to maintaining occupancy rates, we’ve got our clients covered.


We offer...

  • Expert tenant representatives
  • Strategic insights
  • Accessing critical market information
  • Strategic investments
  • Years of negotiating experience
  • Business objectives that matter

The end result? The right fit, delivered by the right insights.

Investment Sales

When you’re on the selling side, you need service that brings success. We facilitate sales by utilizing valuable research into property valuations, pricing suggestions, cash flow analysis, and by helping you find the right opportunities at the right time to maximize on your investments. When it’s time to take action, we secure transactions quickly and smoothly, protecting you and the future of your investments from beginning to end.

Offices & Industrial

With our experiential, firsthand knowledge of the top growing Atlanta business communities, Wiedmayer & Co. is dedicated and passionate about your goals for your properties and investments. 



Prior to securing your commercial office space, we conduct an initial evaluation to shed light on specific business and operational objectives. With a firm grasp on Atlanta’s business climate, we have experience in cutting unnecessary costs while driving value and boosting profit margins. Wiedmayer & Co. is well-versed at developing customized solutions, mapping out a unique plan, and undergoing a tailor-made search that fulfills every need – no matter what. By working methodically, our approach is designed to reduce costs, risks, and anxiety, all while attracting profit and output.


We work with smaller properties, warehouse properties, and large scale industrial properties, as well as built-to-suit options that always fit the specialized needs of your business. Our process lives up to the test by minimizing excess operating costs while maximizing productivity in the right location.

The Wiedmayer & Co. team has worked in construction, development, and management of industrial facilities, partnering to develop opportunities that are built to last.


Tenants in Common

At Wiedmayer & Co., our people are experts at negotiating the legalities associated with Tenant In Common processes, including transfer of ownership, share of net income, and of course, growth strategy. Our team provides full-service leasing assistance, property management, and financial accounting, as well as refinancing and asset disposition.

When clients make the decision to mortgage or sell, we’re here to assist in the process from start to finish.