Landlord Liability and Tenant Safety

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With landlord liability lawsuits steadily on the rise, landlord liability and tenant safety are important considerations for Atlanta commercial property owners. From lead-based paint to poor quality insulation that is made of asbestos, there are many factors that should be considered as a way to avoid unwanted liability. Even the amount of criminal activity present in a particular neighborhood can present a problem for landlords when it comes to the leasing of property. While there are limitations in this respect, taking all necessary precautions can ultimately save a lot of time trouble and money for both landlords and tenants. In terms of Atlanta property management of multi-unit commercial properties, apartments should always be equipped with deadbolt locks so that tenants are able to adequately secure their living space.

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Crime statistics should be reviewed and security should be afforded for tenants accordingly. Everything from installing the right type of exterior lighting to trimming shrubs and hedges as well as providing the right type of landscaping can greatly reduce crime. As a note, landlords should always be prepared and ready to terminate a lease with a tenant who is partaking in any type of illegal activity. Evicting a tenant on the basis of criminal activity should be standard, swift, and decisive. This is important because it helps to reduce vacancies with regard to other tenants in a particular building.

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Also understand that the actual structure of a building itself presents certain safety issues with regard to tenant security. Older buildings may not conform to current safety code or standards. This can result in exposure to dangerous chemicals or even lead. Today, landlords are required to disclose environmental toxins to tenants before they sign a lease. As such, a landlord should take the time to make sure that a building is thoroughly inspected by professionals to ensure that no environmental toxins are present. Fire exits as well as detectors that identify carbon monoxide or smoke should be properly installed in each and every unit.

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Finally, while it is ultimately the landlord's responsibility to make sure that a structure is safe and secure, there are some things that tenants can do as well in order to protect themselves more fully. When viewing a rental it is always a good idea for tenants to ask questions in terms of when the building was constructed and the type of material that was used in the construction process. Tenants should look carefully at smoke detectors as well as electrical outlets, ventilation systems, and appliances. They should not simply assume that everything is in order and working as advertised. Even purchasing renter’s insurance is a good way to protect ones self over the short and long-term. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about Atlanta real estate management services with a proven strategy.