Landlord - Tenant Relationship

Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

Healthy relationship between landlords and tenants reduce vacancies in Atlanta commercial properties. Here are some simple ways that tenants can improve landlord-tenant relationships without really trying. When searching for a property, know your expectations well in advance. This will help you make sure that you choose the right property allowing for long-term happiness. Also it is key to be realistic when it comes to what you expect from your landlord. Tenants should not be unreasonable with regard to the amount of upgrades or amenities that are available in an existing property.

Atlanta Commercial Property Applications

An experienced and knowledgeable Atlanta property manager will typically offer a detailed rental application. Tenants should take the time to accurately and completely fill out a rental application regardless of the implications. Omitting information or overstating income or even lying about prior credit related problems only spells trouble. The good news is that in today's current economic climate, landlords are more than willing to work with those who have challenging credit. Those with less than perfect credit should take the time to provide a clear and detailed explanation of why their credit has been damaged in the past. Expressing a desire to improve one's credit can go a long way in being successful as a prospective tenant.

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One good strategy is to offer a pre-written letter that details all credit related information. It can be attached and submitted along with a rental application. Taking the time to do this shows a potential landlord that anyone with damaged credit is willing to take the time to plan out a strategy for improving their credit and enjoying a better quality of life. As a note of caution, if lies are discovered on a rental application, it is more than likely that the application will be denied or could be terminated at a later time. Honesty is the best policy and this is especially true when it comes to applying for rental property occupancy.

Atlanta Commercial Property Tenancy

Finally, tenants should choose to work with a trusted landlord who will put everything in writing. This includes making a written record of any promises related to new appliances or new carpeting as well as even repairs or anything else that could affect the lease and the quality of a rental experience. A knowledgeable and dedicated team of Atlanta commercial property landlords should be expected to provide excellent communication and to resolve issues as quickly as possible. When both the landlord and the tenant work together in harmony, everyone is happy and vacancy rates are kept to an absolute minimum. No one enjoys moving and that is why it is a good idea to get it right when it comes to renting a property in Atlanta. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more.