Property Management

Property management is an art and a science. At Wiedmayer & Co., we’ve perfected both.

Wiedmayer & Co. understands the delicate balance between satisfying our customers and overseeing operations. By working with short- and long-term objectives for ownership, our team is better prepared to develop an operations strategy with the goal of making both tenants and owners happy with their investments. We believe that the right tenants matched with the right terms minimizes exposure and vacancies – while boosting your bottom line.

Financial Management & Reporting

We work the numbers so the numbers work for you. With a suite of reporting tools at our fingertips, your money works smarter – not harder.

  • Budget tracking
  • Income & expense analysis
  • Cost control recommendations
  • Rent collection data
  • Cash management strategies
  • Demographic trend studies

We’ll help you decipher what’s working, what’s not, and what can change.

Keeping our investors' financial health in order is our top priority, and in partnership with our seasoned professionals, it’s never been easier to keep a finger on the pulse of your property, project, or investment.

Tenant Relations

The landlord-tenant relationship is a critical component of the property management process. Our firm belief is that customer service trumps all – even after they’ve moved in – and that all tenants should be treated to a five-star experience. That’s why tenants who lease through Wiedmayer & Co. are happier and more secure than any other property management company in the region.

Our elite team of financial, real estate, and service professionals develop real-world answers for clients through hands-on property management and tenant retention programs. We’ll assist in recording documents from start to finish, implementing custom leasing solutions, and overseeing administrative and financial operations such as contracts, inspections, and improvements.


Wiedmayer & Co. is the friendly face to keep your business on the fast track.

Engineering Services

Wiedmayer & Co. has earned its reputation by bringing safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly buildings to life. Our design, building, construction management, installation, monitoring, and maintenance services cover the needs of our clients’ buildings from the ground up.


Maintenance means more than just fixing things when they break. It means taking a proactive approach to understanding your property before issues even arise.

  • Keeping things running smoothly
  • Understanding your property’s specific needs
  • Planning ahead to meet those needs
  • Being prepared to respond to the unexpected

Construction Management means being responsible for the planning, coordination, and control of projects from day one to day done.

  • Overseeing safety
  • Quality management
  • Time management
  • Contract administration