Decorating Your Commercial Office Space

Decorating your commercial office space

Properly decorating Atlanta commercial office space can make all the difference when it comes to finding the right tenants or leasing the space faster and more efficiently. Those in search of commercial office space in the Atlanta area will typically look for a space that has much to offer in terms of visual appeal and functionality. Perhaps most important of all when decorating an office that will be marketed or advertised is to create a professional atmosphere. Keep in mind that a quality office space is far more than some desks and chairs filling an empty space.

Sending the Right Message

When it comes to showcasing a commercial office in Atlanta, take full advantage of the power of first impressions. Make sure the entrance is clean and welcoming and that landscaping is professionally maintained and looks good. Fresh plants and bushes that are trimmed can go far in sending the right message. Lighting is equally as important in terms of sending the right message about a commercial property. Lighting can actually make or break the overall look, ambiance and feel of a commercial space.

Professional and Comfortable Atmosphere

Natural lighting in most cases will deliver the most positive message. Windows should be clean, open and in good condition. Allowing in as much light as possible can make a dramatic difference when it comes to leasing or not leasing an Atlanta property. Even filling existing desk space with additional task lighting will create a more professional and comfortable atmosphere. As a note, most experts recommend avoiding fluorescent type lighting, as it is typically too industrial, not attractive, and not soothing.

Color Schemes in Atlanta Commercial Office

Color plays a vital role in conveying the right image when marketing a commercial space. In fact, color is often a better option than keeping walls white and uninteresting. Neutrals are a good choice because they telegraph a professional feel and they look quite good in offices that will be used in a more conservative way. Adding colorful accents can spice up a space in what would be an otherwise dull environment. Furniture arrangement should also be considered. Furniture should be arranged in such a way that it creates a nice and consistent flow throughout the office. This makes it easier for employees to move quickly from one area to another.

Atlanta Commercial Office

A well-organized space is usually very highly desirable by those running a business. Making sure that the space is clean, organized, and free of clutter will send a clear signal that the property has been well maintained and properly cared for overtime. These are just a few simple yet important tips on how to present a commercial office in the right way. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about marketing commercial office space in Atlanta.