Building Excellent Tenant Relations

Landlord Tenant Relations

Having great tenants is one of the best ways to protect an Atlanta commercial investment. The good news is that in most cases landlord-tenant relationships are usually good and will run smoothly. Here are a few ways of maintaining and even improving tenant relations as a way to keep an investment in good standing year after year. A clearly crafted and carefully detailed tenancy agreement is a great first step in ensuring long-term healthy landlord and tenant relationship.

Property Management in Atlanta

Most tenancy agreements will contain typical or fairly standard clauses. These clauses will include the responsibilities of both sides entering into a contract. Both the landlord and tenant should make absolutely sure that they have completely read and understood all aspects of the agreement. Failure to do so can result in misunderstandings and problems down the road. When signing a contract there is simply no latitude in terms of misunderstandings. Even something as simple as a pet clause or access to the property for inspections or repairs should not be overlooked.

Fire Safety Regulations

Equally important is to know all facets of the law as it relates to both the tenant and landlord. Legal responsibilities of landlords and legal rights of the tenant must be thoroughly understood as a way to keep harmony. Everything from fire safety regulations to having annual inspections and checks of the property should be considered. Knowing the law will save everyone a lot of time, trouble, and money. Landlords should consult with their legal counsel to make sure that all legal details have been worked out before renting a property to a tenant.

Scheduled Repairs

In addition, when scheduling repairs do so in a prompt and considerate way. Most tenants will refrain from troubling a landlord with problems unless they become an ongoing inconvenience. That said, a landlord should always address problems, repairs, and other issues in a fast, efficient, and reliable way. Schedule repairs as soon as possible and work with the tenant and their schedule so that inconveniences are kept to a minimum. Schedule maintenance crews in such a way that major inconveniences do not occur.

Atlanta Property Management Strategies

When scheduling maintenance for a particular property, always plan to have a representative of your organization meet workers and let them into the property. Having a list of trusted contractors to call upon when needed is also a good idea. Waiting until the last minute to find the perfect plumber is typically not the best approach to maintaining good tenant-landlord relations. Keep in mind that if you take care of your tenants they will take care of you. This ensures a long-term productive relationship that is beneficial to all parties. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about Atlanta property management strategies that are designed to work.