Making Your Office Space More Efficient

Office Space Efficiency

Professional property managers in Atlanta would all agree that making office space more efficient results in greater profitability and improved business viability. Not surprisingly, many offices today lack in efficiency and overall effectiveness. This is more common a problem than most might imagine. There are a number of things that can be done to improve office efficiency and effectiveness. For example, many offices have interior temperatures that are kept far too cold. This causes dissatisfaction among employees and ends up distracting from business goals and objectives.

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Always try to keep office temperatures at a comfortable level. This will result in improved productivity and will actually save money on utility bills. Many of today's modern office employees end up wasting a lot of times occupying meeting rooms talking about irrelevant information. In short, a lot of time is wasted in meeting rooms that could be far more productive. Business owners in Atlanta should consider holding standing room only meetings and impromptu gatherings to discuss important business information. Many are surprised that this can greatly improve productivity.

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Equally important is to ensure that there is an abundance of natural light in the office environment. Natural light helps to energize employees and can greatly improve productivity. Natural light is motivating and makes people feel better. In some instances, business owners have installed solar tubes as a way to direct more natural light into an office space in Atlanta. While there is an initial cost with this type of modification, utility bills will be dramatically lower and there may even be a tax write-off associated with this type of commercial property improvement.

Efficiency and Effectiveness in Atlanta Commercial Office Spaces

Ergonomics is also a key strategy for improving productivity. Employees spend a large amount of time at work each week in the office and that is why it is a good idea to make sure that they are always comfortable. Investing in different types of ergonomic products and furniture will improve levels of comfort while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Even the actual arrangement of an office has bearing on how efficient and effective an office ultimately becomes. Try to arrange the office so that it flows with the foot traffic that occurs on a daily basis.

Survey Employees

Improving worker productivity in an office environment can be as simple as improving the flow of traffic in and around office furniture and desks. Always remember that office efficiency and effectiveness is a subjective concept. Survey employees to find out what they would like to see in the Atlanta office where they work in terms of improvements or changes. Being open to feedback can improve worker relations and productivity. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about industrial and commercial real estate management in Atlanta.


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