Constructing Industrial Property in Atlanta


Today more than ever before it is important for those searching for or constructing industrial properties in the Atlanta area to make a more informed decision. For example, one priority when searching for an Atlanta industrial property is to determine the size of the land and any potential structures that can be constructed on that land. Understanding the physical aspects of the land is equally as important when searching for a building site. The physical aspects will have a direct impact on any constructed improvements planned for the area.

Choosing the Best Location

Keep in mind that most occupants of an industrial property prefer flat land where there is minimum to no slope. If there is a slope, a site should be leveled so that construction equipment and other types of vehicular movement can be facilitated. In addition, one very important aspect of finding the right industrial property in Atlanta is in choosing the best location. Always take into account local zoning laws and act accordingly. Keep in mind that for an industrial property, the land in question must be clearly zoned for industrial use. Not adhering to this simple principal could result in costly mistakes.

Constructing a Commercial Building in Atlanta

Equally important is to take into account the actual physical aspects of the property. All aspects of land being considered for industrial use should be considered. This includes everything from precise details of the size of the land as well as the dimensions and the topography. Even the soil condition and the presence of foliage and trees must be carefully assessed. When constructing a commercial building such as an industrial structure it is essential to strike a balance between the building size and the surrounding land as well as what the occupants of the building will require.

Atlanta Industrial Property

The presence of utilities and services must also be considered when preparing to construct an industrial structure on land suited for this type of building. For example, all buildings, whether residential or commercial, must be connected to existing services and utilities. As with any other type of structure, an industrial property must have access to power, gas, sewer, water, drainage and other essential utilities. The absence of any vital utilities could present a major problem for those constructing an industrial property as well as those occupying this type of property.

Existing Fixed Improvements

If certain utilities are not present on site it is important to determine the cost involved with having connections for supply of a particular utility made available. Finally, the actual physical condition of any existing fixed improvements should be taken into account. If the site in question already has existing improvements they should be carefully assessed for full functionality. It is also important to consider how these existing structures will work with the development of a new industrial structure on site. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about industrial property development in Atlanta.