Finding a Property Manager for Your Atlanta Property


Never underestimate the importance of working with somebody that has long-term experience in the industry. One of the first things to do when it comes to finding the right property manager for a commercial property in Atlanta is to get referrals from a variety of sources. Word-of-mouth usually works really well in this regard. Talking with a variety of real estate agents as well as a host of other property managers and property owners in the area may result in finding the perfect person.

Property Managers in Atlanta

Begin by building a list of property managers or property management organizations that other people are using or have used in the past. When talking with others that are using property managers in the Atlanta area find out if they have been happy with the service. Also discuss any problems they may have encountered. As a note, remember that a referral can sometimes be biased. Getting multiple referrals from various sources is the best way to ensure that there is no bias involved. When you hear the same thing from multiple people regarding a property manager for property management-company this may indicate that a referral is indeed accurate.

Better Business Bureau

Equally important is to consider doing a comprehensive online search for property managers in the Atlanta area. Rather than taking the time to interview multiple property managers, it is better to check a company's actual reviews online to narrow down the search. Another great option is to simply check with the Better Business Bureau to see what type of rating the company actually has. This is also a great way to see if there have been any prior complaints filed against a particular property manager in Atlanta.

Atlanta Property Management Company

Finally, to get a true measure of the quality of a property management company you may wish to check out their current work. This can be as simple as looking at a property manager’s existing rental ads online or in print. Are the ads professional, impressive and compelling? Do they advertise in multiple locations using a variety of media? It is also a good idea to actually inspect properties that they are currently managing. Do these properties look clean and well maintained? To learn more about quality property management in Atlanta contact Wiedmayer & Co. today.