Choosing the Right Industrial Property in Atlanta


There are a multitude of things to take into account when buying a commercial property in Atlanta. That said the items discussed here are absolutely essential to the future performance of any commercial real estate investment in Atlanta. The first thing to consider is the property itself. This includes the actual land that a structure sits on as well as any additional improvements. Equally if not more important is the actual lease or the business component of the property. Those searching for industrial property in Atlanta should take the time to investigate and fully understand the pros and cons of each component associated with the property in question.

Property Performance

Those investing for capital growth should know that there are specific commercial, industrial or retail properties that may be the best choice. Always keep in mind is an investor that not all property types perform equally in the Atlanta area. A good place to start when preparing to locate the right industrial property is to analyze the actual potential of the physical property. This includes determining how appropriate the actual position and location of the property is going forward.

Atlanta Land Investments

Investors should always take note that when it comes to a property, asset capital growth happens by and large from an increase in the value of the land. That said location also serves to influence the actual supply and demand for the land ultimately determining overall long-term value. Said another way, land that is located within city limits can be considered to be more valuable than land that is located on the fringe of the city. This is simply due to the fact that land is more of a premium in the city than it is at the outskirts of an urban area.

Compensate For The Depreciation

From another angle, while land value does tend to increase over time, the value of improvements or buildings will do the opposite and eventually depreciate with time. That is why it is important to consider the expected appreciation of land so that it is sufficient enough to compensate for the depreciation in buildings and structures. The main objective and goal is to grow value overall with regard to an asset over the short and long-term.

Atlanta Commercial Distribution Center

Finally, the position of a commercial or industrial property is absolutely vital to long-term success. Position simply means the ease of accessibility of the property. Those investing in Atlanta industrial or commercial space or land to build industrial or commercial space must take into account what types of businesses would be able to operate from the premises. For example, a large commercial distribution center that accepts regular shipping would likely require a large amount of space and unencumbered street access. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about Atlanta industrial real estate investments.