Choosing Your Property Manager


There are many ways to find an Atlanta property manager today. That said here are some excellent tips on choosing the best person for the job. For example, one of the first steps in making a smart choice when choosing a property manager in Atlanta for either residential or commercial real estate is to interview several prospects rather than just the first one that comes along. Interviewing several property managers or property management companies in Atlanta can help you to better compare.

Overall Performance

Ultimately this will help you to find the person or company that you are most comfortable trusting with your valued investment. By interviewing multiple prospective managers or companies, you are better able to separate the good from the bad. In short, you will be more attuned when it comes to choosing an individual or company that has the knowledge and proven plan that you desire. Look at overall performance when it comes to a property manager in terms of how well they are able to manage a large number of properties.

Likability and Attentiveness

Overall general likability and attentiveness is always important. A property manager or property management company that is dismissive or nonresponsive would clearly not be a good choice. Always choose to ask detailed questions about the candidates experience and education. It is also a good idea to inquire about the services they have provided as well as the fees that they have charged in the past. A good candidate for an Atlanta property manager should also be prepared to explain their overall understanding when it comes to landlord and tenant law.

Property Management Company In Atlanta

It is also a good when choosing an Atlanta property manager to check a candidates licenses and certification. Most municipalities and states today will require that a property manager or a property management company have a current and valid real estate brokers license or a license to manage property. This is important because it allows an individual to be able to show a vacant apartment, home or commercial space when required. Check with the Real Estate Commission in your state to determine if an individual or company has an active brokerage license on record.


Responsibilities Of An Atlanta Property Manager


Finally, when choosing a property manager or property management company in Atlanta it is also wise to check if that individual is aligned with various trade organizations such as the Institute of Real Estate Management or other similar organizations. As an added note, it is also a good to have in place an adequate management agreement. This agreement should provide a clear and well-defined outline of the responsibilities of the property manager who will be maintaining your valued investments. These are just a few of the most basic and important elements of choosing the most appropriate individual or company for managing a residential or commercial property in Atlanta. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about quality Atlanta property management services.