Commercial Real Estate Leasing


Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Today commercial real estate leasing can be one of the more complex aspects of keeping a business operating without interruption. Whether a business is upgrading to a larger space or just getting started, one thing is sure and that is that exercising caution when leasing Atlanta commercial real estate is always a good idea. Perhaps one of the most important warnings that can be issued when it comes to leasing commercial real estate in Atlanta is that even spaces that have been advertised as a warehouse may not be usable from a legal perspective. Especially to perform routine warehouse functions. Prior to signing a lease agreement always check with the municipality where the property is located to make sure that the space is properly zoned.

Where a Warehouse or Atlanta Industrial Property is Zoned

In addition, determine if there are any limitations or restrictions within the area where the warehouse or Atlanta industrial property is zoned. There may be certain noise restrictions or restrictions in terms of hours of operation. Any of these issues as well as others could become burdensome for businesses trying to maintain profitability. It is equally important to determine early on whether or not the landlord's insurance will cover losses for inventory or equipment. This is something that should be discussed long before a lease agreement is ever signed. Most business owners are expected to purchase liability insurance in the event that a visitor or employee becomes injured.

Fully Understand Your Lease in Detail

Keep in mind that both a business owner and the landlord could be held liable for actions that take place inside a commercial property as well as even outside on the sidewalk or in parking areas. Along with these caveats it is also a good idea to fully understand all aspects your lease in detail. Commercial lease terminology can be confusing at times. Subjects such as triple net leases could open up a tenant to other financial obligations. Always have an attorney thoroughly inspect and read a lease long before it is ever signed.

Better Business Bureau and Other Similar Agencies

Another good bit of advice when it comes to leasing commercial real estate in Atlanta is to fully check the background of the landlord or the property management company that is offering the property. Talk with other tenants about the quality of service provided and inquire with the Better Business Bureau and other similar agencies. Ascertain whether or not the buildings are up to safety code and whether or not all zoning is properly in place. Finally, know that tenants have rights when it comes to leasing commercial property. As a matter of fact most commercial property leases remain enforceable even if ownership of the building ultimately changes. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about Atlanta commercial real estate opportunities throughout the greater metropolitan area.