Good Property Management Begins with Good Maintenance

Property Management Maintenance 

At the very core of competent and reliable Atlanta property management designed to keep tenants and property owners happy is a solid maintenance program. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the value of a property is maintained and that tenant turnover is kept to a minimum. Having a regular rental property maintenance program in place is one of the best ways to catch potential issues before they become a major problem. The age of the property and how it has been maintained in the past will have a direct impact on future maintenance requirements.

Attention to Detail

One of the most important components of a good maintenance program is that it helps to keep tenants happy and content. Taking good care of an Atlanta investment property by responding quickly to tenants’ needs ultimately is a financially sound decision. Tenants will be more prone to renew a lease if you take care of where they live. Tenants appreciate attention to detail and a property that is well cared for over the short and long-term. Another way to properly manage a property is to routinely change filters in the HVAC system.

Help to Extend the Life of the HVAC System

As a rule, air conditioning and heating systems should have their air filters changed at least twice each year. This keeps the air clean and helps to extend the useful life of the equipment. When an HVAC system has air filters that are clean and changed regularly the unit simply does not have to work as hard. Using high-efficiency filters will help to keep utility bills lower and also extend the life of the HVAC system. This also reduces the chances of ducting becoming contaminated.

Atlanta Investment Property Maintenance

Good maintenance of an Atlanta investment property also requires upkeep of common spaces, particularly the bathroom area. Bathrooms are known for developing mold and mildew issues. Closely examine the grout between tiles as well as the caulking throughout the shower area. Anytime grout or caulking becomes loose or broken the waterproof seal becomes unstable. This may cause water to migrate beneath the floor causing serious water damage. Early detection can ultimately save a tremendous amount of money for property owners.

These Devices are Designed to Save Lives

Finally, routinely check all carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors throughout the entire building. Have a regular schedule in place for all carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors so that they are tested and checked often. Remember that these devices are designed to save lives. It is also a good idea to flush hot water heaters throughout a building as a way to extend the life of this type appliance. This reduces sediment buildup and maintains higher levels of efficiency thereby lowering utility bills. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about Atlanta property management strategies and techniques.