Maintenance Tips for Atlanta Property Managers

Maintenance Atlanta Property Management

Managing a property large or small comes with a lot of responsibility including ensuring that all maintenance aspects are maintained and that repairs are done in a timely way. For an ongoing solid relationship with tenants it is important to address maintenance issues regularly. This also will help to maintain a property's value and keep property owners happy. One of the easiest ways to improve overall maintenance is to arrange routine property maintenance schedules that are regular and timely.

Regular Atlanta Property Maintenance

Some level of repairs will be required throughout all stages of managing any property. Prompt attention to maintenance related issues is required and necessary as a way to maintain good tenant relations and long-term property viability. The age of the property and how it has been maintained will affect the frequency required with regard to regular property maintenance. One excellent way of providing the best in maintenance related services for tenants and property managers in Atlanta is to always be prepared.

Overall Condition of the Building or Property in Question

As a rule, maintenance expenses measured on a yearly basis should be about 1.5 times the monthly amount of rent paid. This estimate could vary substantially based on the overall condition of the building or property in question. Also understand all aspects of legal regulations associated with managing the property. The location of a rental property as well as individual building codes and laws can vary based on many different factors. Talking with professionals in the industry and the city, state, and local representatives is the best way to know the exact legal regulations as they relate to an Atlanta property being managed.

Exterminate Regularly as a Way to Avoid Problems

One area that sometimes goes overlooked is that of exterminating for bugs. Even in properties where a rodents and insects are not an issue, it is essential to exterminate regularly as a way to avoid problems. As a note, when exterminating it is essential to exterminate all units within a building and not just the ones that may be affected by infestation. Regular extermination can be expensive but it is ultimately less expensive than losing tenants and having property values affected in a negative way.

Experts in Atlanta Property Management

Finally, most experts in Atlanta property management would agree that checking routinely for water damage and water leaks is absolutely essential. One of the best times to check for leaks or water damage is immediately following heavy rains. Look for soft spots in the ceiling and check all appliances for good connections. In some instances a moisture meter can be used to detect excessive moisture around a toilet base or around other appliances throughout units within a managed property. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about Atlanta property management services for property owners who demand the best.