Industrial Real Estate Investments

Industrial Real Estate Investments

Devoid of any elaborate or fancy architectural features, industrial real estate is more practical, functional and efficient in terms of space usage. Commercial real estate that is in the industrial property class focuses mainly on function over form.

Atlanta Industrial Real Estate

Industrial type buildings are ideal for a number of uses including manufacturing, storage, R&D and goods distribution. The good news is that Atlanta industrial real estate is considered a steady and consistent performer in terms of return on investment. This makes it an important consideration for any serious real estate investment portfolio. In fact, statistics indicate that the average annual return on industrial property investing is typically higher than the average return on other investment properties. The first thing to consider is the different type of asset classes as they relate to industrial real estate.

There are three primary categories involved with industrial real estate investing. These include the following:

  • Warehouse Investment Properties: This asset class features facilities that are primarily intended for the distribution of materials, storage and the distribution of merchandise and goods. While these buildings typically have less office space they feature generous amounts of cubic storage overall. Other types of warehouse properties used in an industrial capacity include storage facilities intended for food and perishable items.


  • Manufacturing Investment Properties: As would be the case, manufacturing facilities are used mostly for the assembly and/or fabrication of raw materials that results in goods and products that can then be sold either in a wholesale or retail capacity. This is another asset class that has minimal office space and is usually classified as either a light or heavy industrial-use property.


  • Flexible Space Investment Properties: These are industrial type buildings that are intended to provide occupants with flexibility in how they use the space. Often referred to as a hybrid type property that focuses on both industrial and office capabilities, flexible space investments may have one third of the space classified as offices while in other cases a building may be entirely office-based.


Atlanta Industrial Property as a Solid Potential Investment

Considering a particular industrial property for potential investment consideration requires carefully evaluating the structure and the land, and doing deep research prior to actually investing. Look at the overall market conditions and changes happening within Atlanta commercial real estate before committing to a particular property. Those wishing to invest in Atlanta industrial real estate will find that there is huge upside potential as long as the right type of deal is made. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about industrial real estate investing in Atlanta and all that it makes possible.