Atlanta Commercial Real Estate as an Investment Option

Investing in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

Today, more than ever before, investors are looking for unique and innovative ways of investing in an increasingly uncertain economic climate. Investing in Atlanta commercial real estate is a great option. Asset class diversification is important and should not be overlooked. Investors know that investments will not always move in the same direction at all times. Direct investments in real estate have been shown historically to have a far better successful rate than other investment classes.

Historical Perspective

Equally important is the fact that investing in commercial real estate in Atlanta will generate significant income over the short and long-term. From a historical perspective, investing in commercial property generates a higher level of return than a large number of other asset classes. This may simply be due to the fact that tenants’ rental payments cover expenses while any remaining cash is passed along to investors and owners. This ultimately is an excellent source of supplemental income for novice as well as savvy investors.

Atlanta Real Estate Investing

Also keep in mind that the commercial real estate asset class is an excellent vehicle for long-term growth due to appreciation especially when there is a large portfolio of properties involved. Another excellent reason why investing in Atlanta commercial real estate is such a good idea is simply due to the fact that it helps to reduce volatility in a typical investment portfolio. This is an important consideration for those who are saving for retirement or who have already retired. Lowering overall portfolio volatility provides for greater levels of financial security.

Commercial Real Estate Investors in Atlanta

Finally, it has long been proven that both residential and commercial real estate investments offer an excellent guard against runaway inflation. With increased money supplies in circulation today, inflation is almost a certainty. Real estate offers an incredible hedge against short-term and long-term inflation. This is mostly due to the fact that property values and rents have increased historically over the years. From another angle, when inflation is a major concern, properties become more attractive to rent as opposed to having a new home built. This provides security to Atlanta commercial real estate investors knowing that properties will maintain consistent occupancy rates.

Experienced and Knowledgeable

With so much potential and so much to offer it is clear to see how commercial real estate investing is such a great idea in today's world. Those new to commercial real estate investments in Atlanta should take the time to explore and move cautiously. Making a few smaller deals initially is usually a good idea before jumping in headfirst. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable expert in the industry is also a good way to establish solid footing in this type of investment class. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today and learn more about Atlanta commercial real estate and all that it has to offer.