Tenant Safety Tips

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Whether you own a property or rent, taking full advantage of a few simple safety tips can go a long way in keeping everyone free from harm over the long-term. Testing smoke detectors at routine intervals is a great way to make sure that these important appliances are working as intended. This inexpensive and reliable type of smoke detection system can wake up occupants of a building when smoke is present. Testing smoke alarms in a residential or commercial setting at least once a month is always recommended.

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It is important is to make sure that smoke alarms can be heard. There are many alarms available on the market today that can produce different types of sounds and even come with vibration and strobe light warnings. Consider using these more advanced types of smoke alarm systems as a way to stay protected. Whether it is in a home or business, having a good smoke alarm and fire detection systems will save lives and save money.

Three Minutes to Evacuate

Another important thing that simply should not be overlooked is to make a viable escape plan if smoke or fire is detected. Most experts agree that the occupants of a building have less than three minutes to evacuate if a fire is detected. That is why having a solid escape plan long before fire or smoke is present ensures that everyone is prepared and ready to get out on short notice. Homes where small children or the elderly are present are particularly susceptible to the effects of smoke and fire. If the occupants of a home or business require a wheelchair or a cane it is essential to put their needs first when smoke or fire is an issue. Having a phone and clearly visible emergency phone numbers available can also save the day.

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Finally, a few simple strategies for reducing the chances of a fire in a residential home include avoiding overloading electrical outlets whenever possible. Avoid using extension cords and limit the amount of appliances that are being powered from one electrical outlet. When it comes to cooking in the kitchen, anytime frying or grilling or broiling is taking place, it is best to stay in the kitchen and use a timer until the cooking process is complete. Leaving food cooking unattended is a sure way to start a fire. Property managers in Atlanta, as well as those occupying a residential and commercial space can use these simple strategies to stay safe year-round. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about Atlanta property management with a proven track record.