Smart Commercial Real Estate Investments in Atlanta

investing in atlanta commercial real estate

Anyone thinking about investing in Atlanta commercial real estate may wish to consider a few simple yet important strategies for improving the chances of long-term success. This is especially true when it comes to those who are just starting-out as commercial real estate investors or land developers. For example, when planning a project always view it from the lender or the investor's eyes. Design a project from the users perspective or in a way that it will appeal to the end buyer.

Private-Money Lenders as a Way to Finance a Project

This helps to ensure that you are able to command top dollar for rent going forward. In addition, it is important to consider where funding or financing is sourced for any commercial investment project. From private-money lenders to hard-money lenders and conventional banking, there are many ways to source funds needed to buy commercial real estate in Atlanta. In fact, many people today are turning to private-money lenders in order to finance a project. Hard money lenders are usually focus more on lending for high-risk projects.

Developing Relationships

Investing in Atlanta commercial property requires building solid relationships over the short and long-term. Many professionals and experts in the industry agree that relationships are one of the most important aspects of being successful in commercial as well as residential real estate investing. Even developing relationships with land planners and building professionals can go a long way in making any investment more rewarding. Choose to work with subcontractors that provide good work at fair and competitive prices.

Pricing it Right

Anytime you find subcontractors, legal professionals, or others in the industry that do good work, build a relationship and keep these individuals and companies in your inner circles. Good relationships can win the day when it comes to investing in Atlanta commercial property. Also important to consider is the marketing of a project. One of the first secrets in being successful in marketing a property is to price it right. Use a broker to ensure that your property is marketed more professionally.

Property That is Being Sold or Leased in Atlanta

One key consideration when it comes to pricing commercial real estate is that when a property is priced too high, it can become stale and unattractive to potential buyers. Wrong pricing can ultimately cost an investor a lot of money in terms of making a quick and profitable sale. Remember that effective marketing should be targeted specifically to the type of property that is being sold or leased in Atlanta. Target the right demographic to ensure the highest degree of success when selling or leasing commercial real estate throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about Atlanta brokerage services and commercial real estate investing with a proven track record.