Saving Energy in a Commercial Space

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Building owners, facility managers, executives, and others are always looking for ways to save money especially when it comes to energy costs. Here are a few easy strategies that can substantially reduce energy expenses on an Atlanta commercial space. Reduce night site lighting whenever possible. This is particularly useful on large sites that cover multiple acres. Parking lot lighting, driveway lighting and other types of exterior lighting can be reduced at night when activity is at a minimum as a way to save energy. However, do not compromise safety, security or any type of emergency lighting fixtures.

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Equally important is to work closely with a professional commercial electrician as a way to ensure that all electrical systems and lighting are operating at peak performance. Poorly directed lighting, burned out bulbs, and inefficient electrical circuitry and wiring can ultimately cost a business a substantial amount of money over the short and long-term. Repairing controls that may be out of calibration as well as scheduling equipment for regular routine inspections is a smart and effective way of improving bottom-line performance on any commercial space. Repairing any malfunctioning systems and working with an experienced commercial electrician is a great way to maximize efficiency in any commercial space. Even something as simple as repairing insulation or adding insulation can greatly eliminate wasted energy.

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Another great way of reducing energy costs in a commercial space is to simply turn off vending machine lights when not in use. Some property managers even choose to completely remove the light bulbs in all vending machines as a way to reduce energy costs. Removing lighting and other equipment that consumes energy that is not essential to facility operation can have a substantial impact on energy usage. Not only do these types of energy-saving strategies save businesses money but they also mean that a business is more environmentally conscious. Those operating a commercial kitchen will find that this type of operation is energy intensive. That said pay particular attention to how staff are using appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and other types of equipment.

Create an Energy Plan

Creating a plan that reduces energy usage in a commercial kitchen can have a major impact on bottom-line performance and profitability. Work closely with kitchen staff and crew to make sure that items such as ovens and refrigerators are being used in an efficient way. For example, if an oven is not being used it can be turned off. Automating the process is also a good way of saving energy in a commercial kitchen setting. Involving the chef or kitchen manager in every aspect of saving energy is a smart strategy as a property manager or business owner. It is also a good idea to properly maintain all kitchen equipment to ensure the greatest levels of efficiency. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about Atlanta property management with proven strategies.