Safety Tips and Tricks for Tenants!

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Safety is perhaps one of the most important concerns in modern life today. That is why it is so essential to ensure that tenants enjoy the highest levels of safety and security over the short and long-term. Atlanta tenants who work with experienced and knowledgeable Atlanta property managers can consult with their landlord or property manager on how to improve safety. Safety issues can arise under a number of conditions including different times of the year and even when the weather changes. Attention to even the simplest details can ultimately affect safety in and around a rental property. Something as simple as cutting back overgrown shrubs and providing comprehensive landscaping around a property can add to curb appeal while also discouraging crime.

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Installing the right type of outside lighting is a good way to protect tenants from crime and vandalism. From the landlord’s perspective, investing a small amount in quality lighting can go a long way in keeping everyone happy, safe and secure. Motion sensors are another great way to properly light the outside of a property. Motion sensing lighting provides timely and essential lighting for tenants. As a tenant it is important to contact your landlord immediately if stairways or handrails require repair. Ask your landlord to thoroughly inspect the exterior of the property to make sure that there are no exposed electrical wires or any hazards that could result in a slip and fall accident. Tree roots, sprinkler heads and even uneven raised walkways can easily cause a serious accident.

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In terms of the inside of a rental property it is just as important to make sure that safety is always maintained as a top priority. Something as simple as making certain that all locks have been re-keyed after prior tenants have moved out can protect occupants. Batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should be frequently inspected and replaced as necessary. Even a list of local emergency telephone numbers can help tenants enjoy a better quality of life.

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Installing a security system is another great way to substantially improve safety in and around the home. Fortunately, today's security systems are highly effective and have become very affordable. This is largely because modern security systems are typically wireless and require much less in terms of installation. Finally, being a safe tenant can be achieved by making sure that appliances that are not working or anything that has become nonfunctional is repaired as quick as possible. Talk with your landlord anytime something is not functioning properly to have it repaired by professionals in a quick and efficient way. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about Atlanta property management that gets results.