Minimizing Vacancies in a Commercial Property

Minimizing Vacancy Atlanta Commercial Property

Minimizing vacancies is perhaps one of the most important aspects of keeping a real estate investment profitable year after year. Working with a commercial property manager in Atlanta that has industry-specific skills and adequate knowledge to market your property is a great way to achieve the desired occupancy levels.

Check Potential Tenants’ References

Effective marketing means that a property will be exposed to the largest number of tenants who are qualified and who are seeking a rental. Equally important for a professional property manager in Atlanta is to set rental rates at the appropriate market level. This will greatly improve the chances of quickly leasing a property. While rents are steadily on the rise, choosing a quality tenant that will become a long-term renter is always beneficial. When trying to minimize vacancies one of the most crucial elements is to check potential tenants’ references carefully.

Craft a Fair and Comprehensive Lease

By checking references in an expert fashion, property managers will ensure that a reliable tenant is chosen. This reduces the chances of problems, headaches and higher turnover. Another way to minimize vacancies when managing a commercial property in Atlanta is to craft a fair and comprehensive lease for tenants. This helps to not only protect the interests of the landlord but also protects the renter, making them happier, more content and more likely to stay.

Renting From the Same Landlord

Handling repairs and maintenance in a skilled, professional, and responsive way by using licensed contractors and tradespeople will further support the goal of reducing vacancies. When tenants are treated with respect and when their problems are resolved quickly they are more likely to continue renting from the same landlord. Property managers should also keep up-to-date with changing tenancy laws. This will further reduce the chances of unexpected problems and higher vacancies.

Managing an Atlanta Commercial Property

Finally, reducing vacancies in any Atlanta commercial property requires attention to detail when it comes to the outward appearance of the property. Minor details such as frequent landscaping improvements and regular exterior and interior cleaning can go a long way in keeping tenants happy and satisfied. Keep in mind that a commercial property may be an investment to an investor but it is a home to the renter. That is why it is good to take the initiative and make sure that a property is always properly maintained. Managing a commercial property in order to minimize vacancies is the smart way to enjoy a greater return on a commercial property investment in Atlanta. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about Atlanta property management with a proven track record.