Completing a Commercial Real Estate Development Deal

commercial real estate atlanta

To be completely successful when developing any type of commercial real estate it is important to have an understanding of the local market and the overall economy. It is also critical to be intimately involved with the community and aware of the general demographics and functioning of the local area. Know the local market including housing patterns, the quality of schools and what to avoid when investing in real estate. Choose carefully even when it comes to a vacant parcel of land.

Understand All Aspects Of Atlanta Zoning Laws

Those preparing to go forward with an Atlanta commercial real estate development deal should thoroughly understand all aspects of zoning laws. These laws are important because they can dictate what can and cannot be achieved with a particular type of property in a given area. Take into account everything from landscaping to parking and building height as well as environmental issues and many other key factors. This is all-important as a way to protect investment dollars going forward.

Commercial Real Estate Investment In Atlanta

Here are a few things to think about when developing commercial real estate in Atlanta. For example, always plan to go in person as opposed to sending a third party when interacting with the local planning and building department. Investigate what the parcel is zoned for and what zoning will allow. Any commercial real estate investment in Atlanta must look at these aspects of development in great detail. In many cases zoning considers development over a period of decades and not just a few years. Planners are always thinking far ahead in this regard.

Land Development

As an investor and developer it is very important to make sure that a property fits with regard to its intended use. Investors should determine what exactly is needed to develop a particular parcel of land or structure. Consider every aspect including sidewalks, gutters, curbs, landscaping, parking and easements as well as many other things. Most beginning developers may be surprised to discover that there are a number of things that can affect the development of land or a structure.

Simplify The Process

Other considerations to take into account when developing commercial real estate in Atlanta include knowing what the fees involved with building permits are as well as any other fees associated with the development process. Developers should also know the process needed for acquiring a building permit. Some local planning and building departments may even offer developers a flowchart that helps to simplify the process for acquiring a building permit. Talk with your local planning and building professionals to find out more about the building permit process. Contact Wiedmayer & Co. today to learn more about commercial property investment and development in Atlanta and the surrounding communities.